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Our Services

As a service provider, we offer 3 different services to our esteemed clients. All these services are carefully designed by panel of experts in the field.

We have three types of services:

  • Preventive – Keeping medical professionals/bodies updated about different issues that may arise. Monitoring the reports and conducting regular interactions in order to ensure the ethical practice is run and, no harm is on the way.
  • Supportive – Regular reviews and consultation regarding the practice. Managing the media, offering expert peer justification and, support in case of crisis, extortion or harassment.
  • Representative – Protection against legal troubles by drafting the arguments, preparing and answering different notices. Support and retribution on cases of vandalism, unwanted trouble or defamation.



  • To apprise medical professionals with concerned laws, rules and procedures.
  • To provide information about upcoming legislations concerning medical profession and services.


  • Training of medical professionals and their staff w.r.t. existing medico legal concepts and penal consequences of non-compliances.


  • Periodical audits and review by Medico legal personnel to ensure proper legal / ethical practices.
  • Medico Legal Review Reports laying out non-compliance, cautions, alerts and warnings.


  • Assistance to resolve the non-compliances with detailed solutions and suggestive guidance.


Crisis Assistance

  • Assistance by Medico Legal personnel during crisis situations such as Police Inquiry / Investigation, MCI Inquiry, Human Rights Inquiry, Inquiry by Govt Authorities.

Peer / Expert Opinion

  • Providing Treatment Justification as per existing guidelines reflecting good faith.
  • Colleague opinion w.r.t. decision making and line of treatment.
  • Expert assistance in litigation and social media.

Resistance against Extortion and harassment

  • Tool to avoid the illegal threats and extortions from medical professionals / establishments.

Liaison with Media

  • To become voice of the medical professional before media and press.


Legal Notices / Replies

  • Drafting of notices & reply to the notices received by medical professionals.

Drafting and Pleadings

  • Preparation of Pleading for submission before authorities and Courts including Bail, Anticipatory Bail Applications.
  • Written Submissions before Human Rights Commissions, Civil and Criminal Court including High Courts and Supreme Court.

Appearing on behalf of

  • Medical professionals and establishments in Govt. Authorities, Human Rights Commissions, Consumer Courts, Civil and Criminal Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court.

Proceedings against vandalism

  • Filling of proceedings against personal injury, loss of property and equipment’s due to vandalism.

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